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 Steels are one of the most used alloys in the world.

Wherever you go, whatever products you buy, steel would be present in most of the products construction, automative, and transport, packages, appliences industries rely more steels.

Many industries rely on steels. so, it is impotant to choose the best steel dealers for your industrial products and purpose.

why do you need to choose high quality steels products? 

A good steels manufacturing company will manufacture various steel grades that are useful for most of the works. 

Many companies may produce steel but quality differs a lot. The alloys used in steel matters the most while choosing the stainless steel or any steel type for your work. 

Its is neccassary to choose high quality steels because high quality steel is a critical factor in so many ways, in engineering terms and in safety terms. Top quality steels is a very reliable material. It can be machined to micro millimetre accuracy, and perform dependably against measured stresses.

The properties that need to considered by designers when specifying steel construction products are:- 

- Strength



-Weld ability


Who are Mehta Steels?
Mehta steels is an emerging company providing cut to length size material in present day industry requirements. understanding client's neccassities and meeting the accurate specifications is a practise which ended Mehta Steels a reputated name, throughout our growth we maintain the personalized services.

What we do?

We are emerging in with a motto of giving the customer our first priority in steel industry with an assurance of on time delivery. It is our committment to provide the finest steel products and services and quality performance to every customer.

why choose Mehta steels?

Mehta steels established in 1992, Mehta Steels has emerged as one stop steel solution, mehta steels has made a name for itself in the list of top service providers of steels and stainless steels products and components, scrap in India.  Mehta steels is listed in trade India's list of varified companies offiring wide array of high quality mild steel channels, high quality hot rolls sheets, crane rails etc. 
Our commitment to fulfill the requirements of our valuable customer is strength of character of our enduring enlargement and expansion. Right through our development we preserve the custommade services in order to save the time of our valuable customer and enable hassle free work.

The underpinned are our strength and reason for every customer which makes our firm the first choice when they require anything in steel.

About our products: 


Mehta Steels deal with wide range of products such as ms plates, (pm plates), coils (hr&ms), chequered plates gp&gc sheets, hr&cr sheets, color coated sheets, light & heavy joists/ms beams, ms channels, ms angles, imported sections (CIPE, IPN, UPN, NPB, WPB profiles) TMT/ rebar/CTD bars, etc.                                                                                                                                                                        Additionally we supply imported HMS, LMS & shredded steel scrap of any grade/quality on regular bases. 

In short for any kind of steels you can rely on Mehta Steels.


PLATES:    Mehta Steels maintain complete stock of ms plates.

MS Plates serves various purpose such as making general structural, flanging & forming, atmospheric corrosion. Resistance products, boilers & pressure vessels, penstock, ship building, oil & gas equipments & pipeline manufacturing, industrial flooring, galvanizing pots, various engineering application, fabrication of various types. 
Mehta Steels maintain heavy stock and complete range of all kinds of MS plates, BQ plates & HT plates.


mehta steels provides wide range of hr sheets/ coils and maintain ready stock of it. mehta steels is a experience supplier of hot rolled sheets & coils , mehta steels has experience of several years of trading & supplying hr sheets, hr coils, hsm plates to companies active into shipbuilding, fabrication, power, sugar, cement, fertilizers and various other activities.


Mehta Steels has experience of supplying ‘Crane Rails’ like CR 80 , CR 100 , CR 120 to various prestigious projects and companies around the world such as material handling , power projects , port and logistic projects , steel mills , sugar industries , engineering projects , etc. Mehta Steels provides complete know how of the Crane Rail Profiles of both Indian as well as International origins.

Crane Rails of Indian Origin

The Key Crane rails Mehta Steels stocks are :
  • CR 80
  • CR 100
  • CR 120
  • CR 140*




The rails manufactured for the use in Industries are called industrial use Rails or IU Rails.

Following are the dimensions available with Mehta Steels of I.U. Rails:

Lengths Available: The Crane Rails are available in the 10 to 13 meters in length in ready Stock.

Custom Lengths: The Custom Lenghths are considered as special orders for further details write to us at 




 Mehta Steels is a renowned suppliers of mild steel Beams manufactured by SAIL , Jindal , re rolling mills and other renowned mills around the world.

Mild Steel Beams:

‘Mehta Steels’ commonly supplies ‘I’ & ‘H’ shape light and heavy beams ( ISMB & ISHB) , Joists , Columns, imported profiles , sections like IPN , NPB , WPB , HEA , HEB , UC , UB , etc.

Beams supplied by ‘Mehta Steels’ are available in mild steel grade and high tensile grade. 





Mehta Steels Stockist and Suppliers of Ms Angles also known as ISA:

Mehta Steels is a renowned suppliers of mild steel angles manufactured by SAIL and re rolling mills.

Mild Steel Angles:

‘Mehta Steels’ supplies ‘L’ shape angles, ms angles are classified as light angles heavy angles , unequal angles and other imported profiles, rolled angles.

MS Angles are used in various construction , engineering and fabrication activities , Mild Steel Angles are most commonly used steel structural item.




Mehta Steels trades and supplies Ms Channels as per Indian & International Standards:

Mehta Steels is a renowned suppliers of mild steel channels also known as ISMC manufactured by SAIL and re rolling mills.

Mild Steel Channels:

‘Mehta Steels’ supplies ‘C’ shape light and heavy channels and other imported profiles like UPN , UPE , U channels , PFC and American standard channels etc.

ISMC supplied by ‘Mehta Steels’ are available in Mild Steel and High Tensile or HT grades.



‘Mehta Steels’ commonly supplies - shape light and heavy flats commonly termed in INDIA as patta , Patti. These are used as Sections in Windows , grills , Gates , Stairs , Truck / Bus body building , Ship Building Earth Strips , Etc.

Mild steel flats supplied by ‘Mehta Steels’ are available in mild steel grade and high tensile grades. 







Mehta steels is located in bhilai chhattisgarh, and chhattisgarh is located in cantral india, and shares its border with seven states and has market access to about 520mn people across these states. The new capital of the state, naya raipur, is India's first greenfeild smart city. 

The state is very well connected through rails, road and air and also has the potential of being India's logistics hub. It is the hight contributor to railway freight, The will be home to one of the seven multimodal logistics parks to be construction in India. Thriving sector in the state include agriculture , iron and steel, cement and thermal power. The state approximately 15% of the total steel produced in India. The state also has an installed power capacity of over 14000MV. 


Metal and Minerals in chhattisgarh- 

chhattisgarh is rich in minerals resources such as iron, steel, aluminium and tin. 

The state contributes 32% to India's steel/sponge iron, 30% to India's aluminium production and 37% to india's dolomite production competitive industrial power tariff supports the presence of upstream and downstream industries in the state.

      It is amazing that nearly 32% of exports from chhattisgarh emanate from bhilai and the remaining from bhilai, urla etc. and major exportable products of the state are steel, handloom, food products, iron, aluminium, cement, minerals and engineering products. presently, there are 52 developed industrial area in state. The state also has an installed power capacity of over 14000MW. 

BSP which situated in bhilai , chhattisgarh is the major source of engineering goods, which is india's first & major source of rails as well as the major producer of wide steel plates and other steel products.

There is a major growth opportunities in future in chhattisgarh. It is a leading producer of minerals such as coal, iron ore & docomite

Moreover, considerable reserves of bauxide, limestone & quartzite are available in the state. chhattisgarh is the only state in India that produced tin concentrates. The state accounts for 35.4% of tin ore reserves of India. The state also has the potential market for the defence products. chhattisgarh gets defence catagory industry to manufacture bulletproof jackets, helmets etc. 

chhattisgarh economy

chhattisgarh's nominal gross state domestic product is estimated at RS.3.26 lakh crore which is US$ 46 billion. It is the 17th largest state in India. chhattisgarh' success factor in achieving high growth rate are growth in agriculture and industrial production.

Industrial sector in chhattisgarh

power sector

chhattisgarh is one of the few states in India where the power sector is effectively developed. Based on the current production of surplus electric power, the position of the state is comfortable and profitable. The chhattisgarh state electricity board is in a strong position to meet the electricity requirements of the state and is in good financial health. According to the central electricity authority, chhattisgarh provides electricity to several other states beacuse of surplus production.

steel sector

The steel industry is one of the biggest heavy industries of chhattisgarh, bhilai steel plant, bhilai operated by SAIL, with a capacity of 5.4 million tonnes per year, is regitered as a significient growth indicator of the state. more than 100 steel rolling mills, 90 sponge iron plants and ferroalloy units in chhattisgarh. along with bhilai , today raipur, bilaspur, korba, raigar have become the steel hub of chhattisgarh. today, raipur has become the centre of the steel sector, the biggest market for steel in india.

Aluminium sector

The aluminium industry of chhattisgarh was established by bharat aluminium comapny ltd. which has a capacity of around 600000 tonnes each year. 

MIneral deposit in chhattisgarh

The state  produces 50% of the country's total cement production. it has the higest output of coal in the country with second higest reserves. it is the 3rd in irin ore production and first in tin production. limestone, dolomite and bauxite are abundant. chhattisgarh is the only tin ore producing state in india.

Our Mehta steels supports steel fabrication industry.

Mehta Steels has tonnes of experience of steel handling , sourcing and product knowledge. Mehta Steels commenced its mild steel light and heavy fabrication activities in July 2011.

We work on the policy that “quality is the essence for any industry to excel”. Our technical knowhow has helped us a lot in achieving this.                                                                                                        The raw material is the launch pad of quality assurance in any field and it’s the strength of the fabrication division of Mehta steels.

We have done work on fabrication of structured beams, Trusses, Girders, and Ducting.



                                                  Installed machinery

1. MIG machine - 05 nos.
2. Rectifier based arc welding machine - 10 nos.
3. portable tacklingmachine - 02 nos.
4. Grinding machine - 06 nos.
5. pug cutting machine - 04 nos. 
6. cutting torches - 12 nos. 
7. Drilling machines - 02 nos.
8. movable crane - 04 nos.

Details of equipment manufactured

1. Structural Trusses – Light Sections
Installed at Corefab Projects private limited, Kothari chemicals etc.

2. Girders – Heavy Sections
Installed at Corefab Projects private limited, & manufactured for Alstom

3. Ducting (Round)
Branch Ducts for supply of Air, Water and Chemically hazardous materials

4. Pre fabricated beams:
Includes Designing and fabrication of T sections, Heavy girders and long length trusses

5. Structural fabrication including beams, columns, Bracings etc.


1. Balco, Korba
2. Hindustan Dorr Oliver
3. Thermax
4. Isgec John Thompson
5. Alstom
6. Tata Projects limited
7. Bhilai Engineering Corporation
8. Corefab Projects Pvt Ltd
9. Kothari chemicals


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